Perils of being regarded as a confessional poet

If you intend to be a poet and to publish your work, it’ll be a lot of fun but be prepared for three things: many people will assume that all your poems relate true facts about your actual life some people will completely misunderstand your poems, even taking the opposite meaning from your intention once […]

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After a gross Amazon review, set your novel free!

So, I wrote an “inspiring, comical, feminist” (to summarise a radio review) chook-lit sort of novel about happiness in the earthquake epoch. That’s Fixing Mrs Philpott. Yes, it contains a few sex scenes, but most novels do, don’t they? Then I got distracted and failed to solicit those first few crucial reviews, leaving the book […]

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Skiting about our fiercely feminist great-grandmother

It’s just over 100 years since Ada Wells became the first woman ever elected to the Christchurch City Council. And what an uproar she caused! A beautiful, brave, bossy, bloody difficult woman. My five sisters and I are proud to be of her tribe. A short article that catches the flavour of her life: All About […]

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