One hop to happiness: learning kicks in when needed

(Reposted from my Boot Camp for the Bonus Years, 2015.) In which somebody is mean to me, and I am sustained by rote phrases to a painful situation. This week I magically applied lessons from a course on the Science of Happiness to shift myself from despondent to normal in a twinkling.  Normal for me […]

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How I became a born-again walker

Who am I to give advice about walking? Somebody who used to be not a human as we know it but a balloon on a string, that’s who. I deeply appreciate the joy of walking for that very reason: for years I was virtually unconscious of my body when out for a trot. All my […]

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Yesterday’s diaries: seductive clutter

Joy of decluttering: know it? Some do, some don’t. I love clearing away clutter: it’s one of my favourite diversions. Last week I had an excuse to clear out half the contents of a little porch, commonly known as the cat’s ensuite. Any excuse will do. This time, a new clothes drier needs a vent. Whoopee — […]

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