Try a new blog: Saved By Words

Let me introduce you to Saved By Words, Elizabeth Slaughter’s blog. In current posts, Elizabeth is looking back over her college years in the 1950s. There’s plenty of fun and all sorts of surprising insights, the sort that are inclined to strike a person only after a few decades have passed.

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Why I blog my poems—there’s a reason?

“Why I blog my poems.” Whoa, that sounds as if poetry-blogging is a way of life instead of yet another redundant project thrust into my overloaded schedule a mere four weeks ago. It sounds as if I know what I’m doing. All bluff. Poems in the Wild. Redundant. Pointless. Impulsive. Nauseating. Embarrassing. Time wasting. Pretentious. Amateurish. Unworthy of you. So […]

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