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We are your templates

When we bang on about our trips and our memoirs and our blogs and our grandchildren (the best of kind) and our ills and pills and volunteering and our hearing aids and hips pay attention, don’t switch off because this is the first time we’ve ever been old and we’re wondering how to do it […]

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19 books about aging, happiness, and the bonus years

For the record, I list some books below that have educated or entertained or enlightened me as I nervously anticipate the final stage of life. Happy reading! Links are to the Amazon page for each book. Please share your own favourite books about these topics, and tell us what they gave you. (That’ll be your good […]

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Let the sabbatical begin!

I was feeling anxious for no apparent reason. I checked in with “my” cognitive therapist. We decided I was feeling a big fat lack in my life of a big fat writing project, the sort that brings me not mere pleasure but sustained joy, the sort of project that makes me leap out of bed […]

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