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Happiness is a trickle of little happinesses

(Reprinted from 2015) In which I struggle against an urge to catalogue and dissect the little happinesses of everyday life.   Is happiness a warm puppy, in the immortal words of Charles M. Schulz in Peanuts? Or does a warm puppy bring a happy moment to brighten our day? Any science of happiness must include […]

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Birthday girl

hey it’s my birthday! I know that but do you? I popped from the womb upside down early I jerked and I jumped right out of my pram they called me Jigger who never lay still when you think of the odds what a marvel oh what a thrill! and every day I’ve clambered from the dark […]

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Are you trapped in an age-cage?

Just because there’s an age-cage, that doesn’t mean we have to walk right in. Or if we do, we can walk right out again. The door isn’t locked — in fact, there is no door, let alone a key, let alone a keeper. Incarceration on the basis of chronological age isn’t mandatory. However, a short spell […]

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Scarlet Heels: 30 polite stories about you-know-what

Did I tell you about these stories? The Kindle cover conveys the spirit. Real women, not young, not models, not clones, striding into the sea. 26 women (and one man) talking about their experience of sex, and how it has changed their perceptions or their lives.

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