If you only knew — a poem

Mother (as we called her then) had lost her friend her dear friend Verity had died and Celia was sad. Three days later in the dead of night she had a visitation. Verity stood at the end of her bed laughing and laughing and laughing and shining with delight. Celia was enraged. “How dare you […]

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The healing power of writing: poems about dying wisely

On my blog Poems In The Wild, I will be posting poems about the dying and death of a dear brother-in-law, some years ago, starting tomorrow. When I wrote them, the process was cathartic and the writing helped me to process and learn from the experience. Writing the poems made me feel close again to my […]

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Scarlet Heels: 30 polite stories about you-know-what

Did I tell you about these stories? The Kindle cover conveys the spirit. Real women, not young, not models, not clones, striding into the sea. 26 women (and one man) talking about their experience of sex, and how it has changed their perceptions or their lives.

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