Exotic fabric finally finds its function: a TV cosy

Friends know that I’m a fabricaholic. A few years back they gave me this luscious blue, gold and purple fabric from Bangladesh. It’s stiff when ironed, and crumples shortly afterwards. It’s semi-transparent and yet firm. Elegant, yet camp. Symmetrical, yet erratic. Now, what to do with this cloth? For us fabricaholics, that’s never an issue. […]

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Maddie’s thought

When talking with friends, their philosophical thoughts fly by and we may toss them around a little before we move on. But often, I want to hold those thoughts in my own mind a little longer. Maybe I need to incorporate them into my own practical philosophy. Then it helps me if I make such […]

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Day 2 of the new earthquake era

Well, it’s about 60 hours since the big earthquake and my short exercise in expressive writing has already done its magic. In my last blog post I vented my secret thoughts and feelings, no matter how embarrassing. Last night I slept brilliantly for nearly six hours and dozed nicely for two more, aided by a […]

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