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Middle age

“Middle age” became a thing when I was middle aged a snorty phrase as if that dazzling time of life is a nothing, not even a noun but a joining-word a tottery bridge between youth and the ghoulish land of old. By now I should be getting meals on wheels but something strange has happened […]

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My parents’ rules still work — do yours?

Posted in 2015: In which I discover that younger people are also interested in the process of aging, and give a speech to DARE 2014 conference called Life is Long: Find happiness now.   In a sense, my boot camp for old age really began last year. Last year I learned new things about myself as a […]

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Humming: a novel for people under 50, over 50 or exactly 50

Get Humming for your Kindle This is certainly a book for the bonus years, because it’s about two people turning 50, one rather flamboyantly, one more tentatively. Ivan the narcissistic artist prefers disasters to happiness, and the more the merrier. He believes that happiness after 50 is impossible by definition, and that he is the only […]

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