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A fun day meditating on death

(Reposted from 2015) In which I eagerly and fearfully spend a whole day meditating on death. On purpose. For fun.   At last the event I had wanted and feared: a full day dedicated to contemplating my own mortality. It turned out to be quite jolly. To be precise, I was booked in for a […]

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Today is my favourite day

“What day is it?” asked Winnie the Pooh. “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,” said Pooh.  ~  A.A. Milne Do read Jill Weatherholt on “The Gift of Today” — the present. A short reflection on new year’s resolutions and the counterproductive urge to look ahead, push harder, achieve more, and live in the future. Winnie […]

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Waiting: it’s a hobby

The seminar would be late starting, because of a technological hitch.  The famous choreographer said, “I’m good at waiting. It’s my hobby.” This startling statement has stayed with me longer than any of his brilliant insights into dance. I decided to adopt this hobby myself. Since then every slow queue, every delayed airline, every lonesome minute in a cafe or […]

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Forgot why you went downstairs? Try audible mindfulness: talking to yourself

Talking to yourself has had a bad rap. I do it, you do it (don’t you?), pretty well everyone does it. We’re not crazy! Self-talk has many useful functions and many benefits. For example, your out-loud private talk can provide company, a pep talk, a safety valve, devil’s advocate, or coaching from your infallible cognitive behaviour therapist. Often we […]

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