From prodigal daughter to retirement planner

(Reposted from 2016) In which I overcome a lengthy financial sulk and agree to think about money.   Shoved to the bottom of the boot camp list: Get my finances in order. No argument, this is high priority. This hypothesis has been repeatedly researched and proven: to be happy, people do need money. Not heaps, […]

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That sense of entitlement: an enemy of joy-writing

What blocks you from really enjoying the act of writing? I can think of at least a dozen things that stop the joy in its tracks, and one is a sense of entitlement. It’s a killer. I encountered this phenomenon very early in my writing life. Barely had my first book of poetry been published than I […]

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Of 10-dollar notes and 20-dollar notes and giant gerbera

On 24 February I received  one of the most mysterious, comical and metaphorical birthday gifts ever. OK, you recognise flowers, don’t you? They’re just background in this case, but apt for my current state of mind. So big, bright and bold they seem artificial — but they’re real. You know how smiling or standing up […]

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