Decluttering your writing: easier with age?

Written materials are top candidates for decluttering Not all writing is sacred. Oh no no no. If we kept every word we wrote, writers would all be living in a midden of our own making. Most writing needs radical surgery before it works When it comes to poems and plays and novels and other books, killing your darlings, […]

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A writer with aphantasia—weird or what?

Lately a flurry of articles have drawn attention to the phenomenon of aphantasia. This is a recently named brain condition (not a disability) of those who cannot summon up mental pictures in their mind’s eye.  (Some have “total aphantasia”, which affects all the senses, but that’s not me.) Realisation slow and fast: that’s me too A long […]

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One more for the how-to-be-a-terrific-old-person list: sex

One more item has been added to the how-to-be-a-terrific-older-person to-do list: sex. I give up! Shall I sharpen my brain to get more sex, or run out and get more sex for the sake of my brain cells, or both (to be on the safe side). The dreaded to-do list has now swollen into a multi-dimensional database leaking […]

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