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Fruits of a “love haiku” workshop

At the Palmerston North City Library today we had a very satisfying workshop on writing love haiku. A small group committed to working on this strange task for two light-hearted hours. They read, they wrote,

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Love thy neighbourhood

Spring is here, and don’t we appreciate it. Today was my first long-ish walk on the hill behind my home for a few weeks. I’m a Polyanna at the best of times, and today I’m glad I was alone, because (internally at least) I was insufferably happy for far too long. I hope that you […]

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Mindful moments: stand, drink water

(First published in 2015) In which a poem and song about the Christchurch earthquakes help me to take a mindful moment when I drink a glass of water. One of my boot camp tasks is to increase the number of genuinely mindful moments—when I’m fully aware of what I am doing and feeling and thinking […]

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