Six sweater siblings by birth order

After writing about middle children yesterday I considered my family of six sweaters. As siblings, do they have classic birth-order personalities? Of course they do! No.1. Oldest sister is a responsible overachiever, very classy (Andrea Moore). A perfectionist but a softie (cashmere and merino), hard-working (at work nearly every cold day). Caring for others, or […]

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The personality of numbers as revealed in sudoku

Something’s just become clear to me: the reason why I like sudoku is because it’s a sociable, strategic game. Sure, I play alone, in theory. But equally, the┬ánumbers are playing me. Each one has a┬ádistinct personality and they use their unique strengths to the hilt. Anyway I’ve just spent a happy pointless hour with my […]

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Growing into or out of those childhood labels

Did you have a label slapped on you as a child? It’s common, goodness knows. In large families they are kind of useful as an identity short-cut for outsiders. I used to think that such labels were all bad, constricting and sometimes condemning us to be a certain sort of person. Now I’m toying with […]

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