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Last chance to do the Older Bloggers Survey — gone!

When I wrote this page, our survey for older bloggers was still open for a few more days. It closed on Sunday 17 June. The video below, now obsolete, explains why we needed you to share your experience as a middle-aged or older person with a personal blog. Here’s that all-important link to the survey […]

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The way of the walker: walking mindfully

Post written in 2015, in which I offer more sage advice to myself about the simple pleasures of walking Walking is one peg in the exercise programme that was part of my boot camp for old age, my year of looking intently at darn near every aspect of my life.  And there’s more to walking […]

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A gym class for older exercisers

My personal trainer (oh that sounds pretentious) is soon to start a class for the over-60s. I must admit I have hassled her over this, with pep talks about growing the business, extending her client base, and the splendid loyalty of older people once we find a regular activity that suits our needs. Truth is, […]

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