Journey: a play of identity

Scene 1: Seoul City crowds in the lunch hour all strolling all perfect and perfectly attired. No, this is not a movie. This is real. Scene 2: me in the Uncanny Mirror. Yes that is my identical identity, my oddness vast forehead, tuft of feathers and cloudy evanescent self. I’m lonely. I like her. I […]

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Never alone

House elves? Anyway, two tiny selves greet me every morning. Hooray for the human mind and our gift for spotting smileys.

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Appointment with surprise

  I have just sat down at my September desk I have not adjusted to this frameful of trees stretching against the sun and bouncing light off fat stray cats. I have kept my first appointment with surprise with pine needles bobbing deep down inside the glass of my shiny Seoul desk. What shall I […]

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