Why do we write the books we write?

I look at my latest novel and I think, why? Why did I write it, that book, that particular book in that particular way? Why didn’t I write a different novel, or write it in a different way? Why didn’t someone else write that novel? Why do I write any book at all nowadays? Don’t […]

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The blessings of a big sister

This week my dear big sister Jill turned 80, and this is the poem I wrote for her. Poem for my big sister Jill I wanted to give you a poem eighty years back when you were first-born and armies were rising and peace receding. You learned about consultation in the womb. I wanted to […]

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Growing into or out of those childhood labels

Did you have a label slapped on you as a child? It’s common, goodness knows. In large families they are kind of useful as an identity short-cut for outsiders. I used to think that such labels were all bad, constricting and sometimes condemning us to be a certain sort of person. Now I’m toying with […]

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