Nethui! The internet’s big challenges: safety, privacy, copyright, freedom of expression, open government, blockchain, digital inclusion for seniors…

Here comes NetHui 2019, “New Zealand’s favourite internet gathering”. Are you in New Zealand, and do you care about safety, privacy and well-being on the open internet? (Surely… ) Have you noticed how digital inclusion for seniors can make life easier and more fun for older people? Check out the programme, starting with keynote address […]

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Cat thinkies—opening the cat door

Despite her genius intelligence, Ursula the cat has never figured out how to get through a cat door. Here she seems to be confused by a reflection. Which is the cat door? Does the handles go left or right? As any UX designer knows, don’t blame the customer when an object fails. Blame the designer. […]

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Are you a search engine or a filing cabinet?

On first encountering the web in 1996, like most people I was fascinated by two key questions: how can I find information online and how can I enable my own web pages to get found? Like any poet trying to get her head around a problem I constructed real-life analogies—analogies that failed promptly, because a […]

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