Unloading the larynx: not for sissies

It’s boot camp year. I don’t say no to anything that could help me achieve my prep-for-old-age goals. I’m on stage three of working on my voice. So, off I went to Peter Chum, specialist voice-and-breathing physiotherapist for performers. I do perform (in more ways than one) and I want to give every performance my best whether singing […]

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Laryngoscopy tracks the cause of weaky, peaky, creaky old-person voice

On with the mission to cure old-lady voice! I contacted Natasha Curham, a speech therapist with wide experience in helping older people. Before accepting me as a client, Natasha advised me to visit an otolaryngologist (ear nose and throat specialist) to check the physical state of my throat. Nodules? Cancer? Gastric reflux? Scarring? Let’s see whether those working parts […]

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Banish old-lady voice: a boot camp challenge

Practising Christmas carols, 1944, Granada Relocation Center, Colorado. Tom Parker, Wikimedia At first I noticed it occasionally and brushed it aside quite tolerantly: Oops, that’s my old lady voice! You know the one I mean: squeaky, creaky, wobbly, unpredictable, on-again-off-again as if a fuse was about to blow. A voice that shuffles along in slippers. If a voice […]

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