Walking back home: joy of serendipitous pavement art

It’s not a long walk home from aerobic dance class, just five small blocks, and I’ve walked that route hundreds of times. But it’s still full of beautiful surprises. Walk home with me now and I’ll show you what I saw tonight. Small bunch of grapes, elegantly squashed. 2. A question mark on the footpath. […]

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Puzzled, pleasured, and pacified by a city stroll

Plants in a puzzling perspective? Just shadows on the pavement. Red doors to heaven? Just a Massey University thing. Old ngaio tree near the Carillon? Yes, and can you see six kaka nibbling buds and blundering over branches? Toy on a tummy? Just a Buddy-Rabbit tired after his big Saturday walk. But I am refreshed by […]

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Dry way or the highway: version 2

On a big scale, a dry hill path is a worry. Fire risk. Global warming. All that. But it’s easier to walk down a dry path than a wet path. In the wet, you’re constantly grabbing branches to stop yourself slipping and falling. It’s a bit tricky. In dry conditions, one hazard remains: you must […]

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