Boot camp for the bonus years

2 snakes rise from an unlocked trunk and attack an old women.

Here I’m blogging and thinking about the years I didn’t expect to live. These years used to be called old age, but old age for us is a far cry from the old age of our grandparents.

So we have to re-invent ourselves. Find new role models. Be a tad analytical.

The year I turned 75, I launched into a personal boot camp for the bonus years. I studied a truckload of research, I figured where my lifestyle needed a tweak, a twist, or a turnover, and I duly made some changes. My boot camp gave me some assurance that I am at least doing my best to remain on a happy plateau of late life for as long as possible. The rest is up to fate.

Image: The Pink Fairy Book 1897, Andrew Lang, public domain

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