About me: Rachel McAlpine, once a child, always a writer

old snapshot of six girls from 3 to 11 years old dressed alike and most giggling

The author as a young girl, with sisters, at least 70 years ago

Why do people hate and fear old age? Why is it so hard to see ourselves as belonging to the kingdom of old? Why does my own ageing seem overall a positive thing? What should I do with these age-related changes? What do other people think and feel and do? What am I for? How can I help?

Those questions puzzle me as I meander into my 80s, exploring them through poems, books, podcast and blog. Phenomenal luck has figured in my making, but that won’t stop me dying one day.

One thing I know: I’m a writer, have been ever since I was a young girl. Through writing I try to make sense of life, especially (now) the strange experience of growing old. I also love drawing and taking photographs, preferably odd ones.

Talk to me! You know I like it.