Unique writing courses to enrich your life: short, sweet and surprising

Notebook with morning glory flower and text: write into life, LEARN TO WRITE FOR HEALTH & HAPPINESS

Through the act of writing we solve problems, make decisions, and gain courage and clarity and confidence. These benefits are usually regarded as side effects of writing, but I see them as central.

I’ve taught conventional writing courses (digital and creative and business and academic) to thousands. Now I am interested in how writing can bring us health, hope, and happiness. Are you? If so, welcome to the Write Into Life Udemy courses.

Write Over Divorce: a unique short course to help you get over the pain


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Write Over Divorce: you can secretly do this very short course alone, and feel heaps better after three weeks. Only 20 minutes a day, and it stays private. All the information is on Udemy.com, where you’ll do the course.

Write Haiku Love Poems: a fresh approach


A delightful little course to do at your own speed. Learn the principles of haiku, practise writing them, and honour someone special with an original poem.



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