Writing courses that add joy to your life

Young man writing notes in a train

Writing notes in a train: thinking better and feeling better already

Writing helps the writer in so many ways. Through the act of writing we solve problems,  make decisions, gain courage and clarity and confidence.

These benefits are usually regarded as side effects of writing, but I see things differently after a lifetime of writing for work and play. I’ve taught writing (digital and creative and business and academic) to thousands. Now my focus has softened to include those side benefits. They happen anyway, so why not celebrate them?

In my writing courses we celebrate the joy of writing — sustaining it, using it, living it.

My Write Into Life courses are on the Udemy.com website: follow links from the COURSES menu on this website.

Write into life! Short video courses on writing for health and happiness.

Photo of man writing in a train by Lis Ferla cc by 2.0


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