The older bloggers survey 2018


Articles about the older bloggers survey

From this page, follow a detailed discussion of a fascinating study of older bloggers’ thoughts, habits, preferences and feelings around their personal blogs.

  1. What older bloggers do and think and feel: super-summary of survey results
  2. Who answered our Older Bloggers Survey?
  3. Older bloggers: patterns of engagement with the blogging process
  4. It’s not mandatory to join the blogging conversation
  5. Older bloggers: choice of devices and channels
  6. Historic data about bloggers, their age and choice of blogging platforms
  7. Challenges and physical barriers for older bloggers
  8. Motivation: why do older bloggers blog?
  9. Feelings and benefits associated with blogging
  10. Your blog: what type of publication or storage does it most resemble?
  11. How does blogging fit into your way of ageing, your life, and your concept of success
  12. Final comments of the older bloggers: new, overlooked, and underlined thoughts
  13. Older bloggers survey—using the results