Nature adopts one small angel — poem

O lucky Max ‘Today was the worst day in my whole entire life. Five bad things happened. 1.’I forgot my lunch—again. 2.I missed out on play lunch. 3.Celia hit me with a hat. 4.Then Celia hit me with some nail polish in a glove. 5. At soccer people stooded on my head.’ Oh lucky Max. […]

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Six sweater siblings by birth order

After writing about middle children yesterday I considered my family of six sweaters. As siblings, do they have classic birth-order personalities? Of course they do! No.1. Oldest sister is a responsible overachiever, very classy (Andrea Moore). A perfectionist but a softie (cashmere and merino), hard-working (at work nearly every cold day). Caring for others, or […]

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Blog comments as a mental stimulant

Why comment on blogs? Reasons are many and various, as I found out when I did the Older Bloggers Survey in 2018. For me it’s a social thing and a mental stimulant. I like the people and the process. Every day I spend at least half an hour reading WordPress blogs, including comments. And almost […]

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