Ageism discussion starter

Discussing ageism: start with yourself We will all be old one day—if we are lucky. So to dismiss old people as irrelevant (or worse) is a form of self-hatred. Positive stereotyping is not necessarily helpful either: not all old people are founts of wisdom—we’re all individuals, doing our best, like you. Our attitude towards old […]

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Old women dancing

Most of us old women dancing do it in secret but trust me, we old women are dancing in our 60s, 70s, 80s… Zaz sings Je Veux

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Poems in the Begonia House

This Wellington morning I will read a few poems in the Begonia House accompanied by unusual noises from the one and only Harmonic Tree. Now that sentence is itself an unusual noise, true? Just what we need in a global pandemic. Come along at 10.30am to hear and see musician Joel Vinsen playing this gorgeous […]

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