My 12 New Year resolutions


Last year I overdosed on new year resolutions. Within a self-imposed boot camp for the bonus years, I set myself 12 tasks. I thought they were separate tasks but they turned out to be entangled and synergistic. I expected them to be pretty easy but they turned out to be rebellious, recalcitrant and complicated.

To find out how I’m going with these tasks (in brief, so far it’s a fail), you might like to check out the last two posts on my boot camp blog.

Happy new year, whenever it starts

Interim judgement on boot camp for the bonus years

Meantime, happy new year!

Image from “A book of cheerful cats and other animated animals” (1903), public domain

3 thoughts on “My 12 New Year resolutions

      1. Ha ha! That’s a term I haven’t heard in a long long while. I always wanted my name spelt with an ‘i’ instead of a ‘y’. Simpler and stronger.

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