Slow thinking on the ageing identity: good things take time.


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In which I believe it necessary to impart a trivial detail about blogging momentum, heaven knows why.

Only four more days until my 76th birthday — which means only four more days to wrap up my boot camp for old age.

When hurriedly writing today’s post, I compressed several weeks of heavy cognitive lifting into 516 words. To my surprise I found that 11 months of procrastination has paid off: I’ve spent the last 11 months growing up. A bit.

Now I’ll take an antidote: I’ll go to the New Zealand Ballet’s fabulous show (appropriately named Speed of Light) and write another entry tomorrow. Otherwise my beautiful schedule is well and truly in the poo.

But this is just me: how is it with you?

7 thoughts on “Slow thinking on the ageing identity: good things take time.

  1. lifecameos says:

    You are organised in your thinking about your later years. I reach the big seven at the end of this year, and am just starting to wonder how much older it will feel than being in my sixties.

    1. I decided to get all my introspection over in twelve months! Crazy idea huh?

      1. lifecameos says:

        It will let you get on with a whole lot thinking on your next phase !

      2. I hope so, preferably not thinking about myself!

  2. Happy Birthday Year, Rachel and many, many more.

    1. Thank you! I will show my favourite birthday gift on my blog shortly 🙂

      1. Rachel, Now I am quite curious…..🤔I’ll be visiting to find out exactly what that is. Clare

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