Yay for a new passion and challenge: Write into life

Write into life! A new series of Udemy videos on personal writing and Expressive writing
Write into life! A new series of Udemy videos on personal writing and Expressive writing

Well, that didn’t take long. Two weeks after ending my 10-year involvement with Contented.com I had a pretty clear idea of my next project.

To announce it here is ridiculously premature, but too bad: I have begun to create video courses for Udemy.com under the umbrella name of Write Into Life. This idea has been lurking in the back of my mind for many years as a potential retirement adventure. Now I’m hurling myself into it: short, simple courses that help people to deal with various troubles and traumas — just by writing about them.

Actually there’s no “just” about it. The courses are based on more than 200 research studies over 30 years, and are meticulously structured to maximise benefits. So that’s meant plenty of catch-up reading.

The first course, of which I have completed about 1/7th, is called Write Over Divorce!

Insight of the day: I’m waking up early and itching to get into the next video. There’s nothing I love better than a big, difficult, totally new and totally original project all my own. So happy!

It’s not how everyone wants in their (misleading label) “retirement” but it was bound to happen to me. What can I do? I’ve got a busy brain. This is who I am. Lucky me!

13 thoughts on “Yay for a new passion and challenge: Write into life

  1. Sounds like an interesting project. I write bits and pieces of family history as I recall the stories I learned over my lifetime from family plus my own memoirs — all for myself and family — which may actually get compiled some day.

  2. What a marvelous idea and fascinating project; sounds like the perfect vehicle for unleashing your creativity and skills. I have a friend who retired recently. But she didn’t invite me to her retirement party. Instead, she invited me to her graduation party and speaks of herself as a graduate, not a retiree.

    1. Your friend has attitude. I love the graduate concept: a positive antidote to ageism. Retirement is an anachronistic term now that life is long and we so need alternatives such as graduation.

  3. I haven’t heard about Udemy.com (guess I’ve been living under a rock!), but visited their site and saw that the videos are professional and interesting. Good for you for having such ambition! We will all be watching and supporting you as you venture into it!

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