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Mrs Zoe Philpott is the central character of my new novel, Fixing Mrs Philpott. Here, to give you a better idea of why she thinks she might need fixing, are a few more samples of the book.

1 marital-love.jpg

Moving on a couple of months, Christchurch, where Zoe and her husband live, is struck by an immense, devastating earthquake. Endless aftershocks follow, playing havoc with everyone’s nerves and health.


Here’s a little bit about Zoe’s morning bathroom ritual — extremely difficult when the city’s infrastructure is in chaos.


As for happiness —


Just for fun, do you have any life advice for Zoe? I promise it’s just for fun: there is no real Zoe, so you can preach to your heart’s content.

Accessible description of the images

  1. When Felicity Philpott preached her famous sermon on marital love, Mrs William Philpott suspected that the message was directed at herself and her husband. And so it proved.
  2. This road trip was a doolally idea.Text overlaid on a photo of an earthquake-shattered road by Brendan Zim.
  3. These days her elaborate Dusty Springfield hairdo took a lot more back-combing and a few more hairpins, but eventually the job was done. Text overlaid on part of a sketch of Zoe in the yellow caravan; sketch by Lesley Evans.
  4. ‘Oh sure,’ said Zoe. ‘Happiness is very much in vogue nowadays.’ Text overlaid on a photo of orange azaleas by Rachel McAlpine

8 thoughts on “More about Mrs Philpott

  1. lifecameos says:

    I wouldn’t dare offer advice to Christchurch residents in the earthquake, I was out of the country during both major earthquakes, and usually live in the North Island. Your extracts show a very gritty (muesli) realityside to the earthquake. the book promises to be most interesting.

    1. Thanks but you are just too wise!

  2. Robyn Haynes says:

    Definitely dice the hairpins and backcombing. Never a good look. And happiness in vogue? Well in that case she should buy some.

    1. I thank you but I’m not so sure that Mrs Philpott would. Nevertheless this is advice she needs to hear, and the oftener the better.

      1. Robyn Haynes says:

        I once knew a Mrs Philpott. She visited her hairdresser once a week to have her hair back combed and pinned into loveliness. I’m not sure if she is one and the same Mrs Philpott, but her sour countenance denied all knowledge of the happiness vogue.

      2. That is an astounding coincidence! But my Mrs P. is bewildered, not sour.

      3. Robyn Haynes says:

        Far better methinks! A long way to go from sour to happy. Not so far the journey from bewildered to vogue?

  3. With your help she will make it!

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