On the final day of #trypod month I sing the praises of the gloriously soporific podcast “Sleep with me”


Yes, I listen to many a podcast. Do you? If not, you’re in for a treat. This month the faithful are invited to share their favourites with the uninitiated.

I listen in bed on my podcast phone app, which will stop automatically at the end of the podcast, if you click the right dot. This is essential if the content is sleepifying, like the confused, meandering, and absolutely bonkers all-time favourite, “Sleep With Me.”

Dozens have have written in admiration and bemusement about Drew Ackerman and his eccentric podcast. His stories are deadly dull and yet seriously weird. He cannot disguise the fact that he is brilliant and literate and cunning and pathologically benign.

Strongly recommended regardless of whether you need help getting to sleep.

For more terrific podcasts, search #trypod and find something that suits. We are spoiled for choice nowadays.

Norah Caplan-Bricker in the New Yorker about Sleep With Me




11 thoughts on “On the final day of #trypod month I sing the praises of the gloriously soporific podcast “Sleep with me”

  1. Bernadette says:

    Interesting. Hope you are going to write more about this.

    1. You have put a thought into my mind. Thanks.

  2. Robyn Haynes says:

    I am an avid podcaster! Couldn’t get by without the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I’m so used to using the acronym I had to look up what the ‘c’ stood for : (

    1. Really? I must check it out.

    2. Really? I must check yours out. I like All In The Mind from ABC.

      1. Robyn Haynes says:

        That’s a favourite of mine too. Ockham’s Razor, Future Tense, Life Matters, Books and Arts among others

  3. joared says:

    I’ve not listened to any podcasts but maybe I’ll have to check out some of these.

    1. You will find one you like, I am sure.

  4. bechiz says:

    I love podcasts. What a wonderful way to get fascinating insights into other lives and other worlds. I download about a dozen. Two that I am enjoying are This American Life and Modern Love. It takes a bit of dipping into to find your favourites but there really are so many out there, and something for everyone.

    1. I like these two also. I don’t like the shouty ones!

    2. You have named a couple of goodies. They aren’t trying to show off or teach us anything but (as you say) share insights into other lives, as friends.

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