A riff on “old people are…” by Renee

My friend and fellow New Zealand writer and role model Renee just did a rant and a rave on the theme of “Old is an all-purpose synonym for bad. Old people is an all-purpose synonym for  50 shades of bad.” Renee regards herself as fairly old — stereotype her at your peril! I just had to share. It starts like this…


Boozers, losers, out of jail bruisers. Jockeys, cockies, once were great soccies. Litterers, knitters, reliable house sitters. Miners, diners, intelligent signers. Gardeners, cooks, some who write books. Piano and guitar players, definitely some Gays.  Singers, clingers, ringers and wingers. Wealthy, stealthy, against all odds healthy. Runners, gunners, dedicated punners. Winners and players, sinners and swayers. Rich, poor, curious, bored. Patient, walker, creepy grey stalker. Painters, fainters, always some ranters. Fat, skinny, tall, short. New, old, borrowed, bought. Fraught, taught, occasionally sought. Preachers, teachers, some who make Features. Bad-tempered, kind, clear-sighted, blind. Some bold, some rolled, some polled, some sold. Doctors, nurses, lecturers, bursars.  Bouncers, prancers, dedicated dancers.  Happy, sad, conniving, bad.  Lout, devout, chock full of doubt. Whingers, Ginjas, society’s fringes.   Packers, actors, determined hackers.  Loving, hating, dating, waiting…

You can read TWO and THREE on her blog.

Renee’s Wednesday Busk: Old People Are …

7 thoughts on “A riff on “old people are…” by Renee

  1. lifecameos says:

    Just read the original blog post ! Wow ! She is steamed up ! She is also 100% correct. What really annoyed me was the two or three occasions when I joined in a conversation and got the “look” from people in their twenties or thirties. They clearly thought I had no place in their conversation even though I belonged to the family event in the first place, and secondly I was a paid up member of their class.

    1. That’s horrible. Now my battery is flat and I am at the hairdresser, so that is all. Old people go to the hairdresser.

      1. lifecameos says:

        Of course !

  2. Robyn Haynes says:

    Clever! No discrimination there – a fair cross-section of society whatever age.

    1. Yes, we are human beings…

  3. bone&silver says:

    Ooh, number 2 is great too! Thanks

    1. It sure rings a bell!

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