A systemless system for productive blogging


cartoon of woman blogging
See the lady blog. Blog, lady, blog!

Do you have a system for blogging? A schedule? A spreadsheet with topics and times? A goal?

Wish I did. For a while I hoped that the Raewyn Gwilliam system would work for me. Every time she has an idea, she writes it as a sentence, which she saves as a draft title. Because it’s clear, accurate and specific, she remembers the whole idea. When it’s time to write, she opens WordPress, grabs a title that appeals and writes. Bingo!

I did the first part — for a while — but I’ve never used anything from my list of brilliant ideas. I also have truckloads of scribbly notebooks filled with other brilliant ideas.

Here’s what works best for me.

  1. Get an idea
  2. Blog it impulsively
  3. Publish it immediately
  4. Smile!

Life lessons for myself

  • A blog is not a book
  • Trust the moment
  • Write less, publish more
  • Get it done and make it fun.


18 thoughts on “A systemless system for productive blogging

  1. A system appeals to the organized side of my brain/personality, but the impulsive, wandering artist in me just wants to grab the moment when it arrives, & blog the hell out of it, then eat a snack, edit, & hit Publish… hey, maybe that’s MY system?! 😃

  2. The concept of organization appeals to me but the spontaneity aspect gets me the best material. There is nothing so powerful as writing in the moment of things. However, I do write ideas down hoping on a slow news day I can develop it into something interesting.

  3. Because I have a less than adequate memory, I use OneNote to jot down ideas for posts. When I sit down to write a post, I go through the list of ideas. More often than not, I use one of them but there are times when just reading the list sparks another idea I use instead. I do schedule my posts so I can feel more leisurely about writing them.

  4. System? I can barely spell it, much less actually have one. I wish someone would give me a pattern to follow so I could tell what I have written about and when, and what pictures I have used. I often forget, well, perhaps more than ‘often’, thus either repeating something or forgetting any idea I once had.

  5. My system is pretty loose, which makes it flexible. I try to post once a week, and once a month post something that takes a really deep dive into an experience or information. I’m not always successful about that. The other thing I do is to keep an “idea roll” in a note on Evernote. I can access it pretty much anywhere, and if I think of something, be it a sentence, a paragraph, or just random bits and pieces, I can type it up and then come back too it later.

    Everything *kinda* works, which is good enough for me!

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