Which cabin bag?

Green cabin bag, denim bag, Doctor bag, vinyl bag, antique Webstock bag and 3 day backpacks
Ten hand bags: which ones to carry on the plane to Malaysia?

Shortly I’m off on a quick trip to Kuala Lumpur, always a great pleasure. But this entails torturing myself over the issue of The Travel Bag. I take the same dirty little green wheelie bag everywhere: that’s not a problem. I will take my usual wallet on a string for passport and phone and tickets: that’s not a problem.


I will take an ancient pink WETSUIT bag that holds the electronic stuff (ipad, keyboard, Kindle, adaptors): I will love it until death do us part.

But where to put the WETSUIT bag, plus water bottle, snacks, toothbrush, and neck cushion?

For a mad day or two I thought of b-u-y-i-n-g a new bag, since my everyday brown vinyl bag is mighty shabby. Then sanity prevailed: I recalled all the other bags in my possession, and threw them on the floor in a beauty parade. Half of them are used every week as a gym bag, dance bag, swim bag, choir bag or daily bag respectively.

  • Green bag: perfectly designed as a cabin bag, is colour coded, totally naff and a hefty 1.2 kg. OK OK, I will consider it.
  • Sloppy brown vinyl bag: old and familiar, the default choice.
  • Doctor’s bag: cool, but zip’s too short. Na.
  • Bright blue $5 gym bag: tempting.

Not short of bags, no. But which one to take on the plane? No trip is complete without a certain amount of neurotic self-torture of this nature. What do you recommend?


17 thoughts on “Which cabin bag?

  1. Loved the green one on first sight. Mind weight is an issue, but maybe could be put on top of wheely or thrown on floor between feet when standing & waiting. If green is too heavy then go for midblue backpack on the right which looks to be the one with the least weight and still fit for any occasion.

    1. Ah, just noticed little black number on bottom left. That would be good as well, the rest I would dismiss just from the look of them.

  2. I like the stripes, cram it in, sling it over your shoulder, stuff it under a seat, and you’ll know it instantly if someone else picks it up. Enjoy 🙂

  3. On the voyage, I can take us pretty much anywhere with 22 inch roller bags like your green one, and then we each carry a backpack which will fit under the seat. Our backpacks hold our electronics, my wallet on a string, and anything else you want immediately handy. I’ve even put a smaller “day pack” rolled up in my back pack! You’ve got this! No worries! ~ Lynn

  4. sorry, I’ve been AWOL from your posts – I would go for anything that’s a back pack-type as they leave you completely hands-free and you don’t have to worry about it falling off your shoulder/hands – or generally disappearing…and remember you’ve already holding your rolling case.

    1. Am now in KL. Picked greenie but next time the backpack cos airports double in size when one flight is delayed and you miss a connection and have to claim your roller bag and walk miles to your courtesy hotel room and back again at 5am. I’d overlooked these little joys 🙃

  5. maybe you should consider buying another backpack in a colour that rocks your boat…or if that is a no-can-do give the one you have a bit of a makeover – add some colour (ribbon, doodah, other)

    I recently bought a new rolling case, that was much less taxing then the one I already have…just right for a few days away – and it “wheels” better as well…

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