Great times for old feet


All Rachel’s usable shoes plus one antique

What a glorious time for old feet, especially of the female variety! Remember the days when nothing but heels would do for a social or semi-formal occasion? If you were into heels, that was fun, for sure. Well into my fifties I was a fan of naughty schoolmarm laceups, otherwise known as witchy heels.

But came the day when good fat, defying gravity, migrated from the soles to the belly. When the bunions stuck out like elbows. When a shoe salesperson announced that your feet were one size bigger, literally. When despite those monstrous insoles, you noticed every pebble underfoot.

‘Bye, heels. Stilettos, kitten heels, even platform solesβ€” take ’em away. Wipe away the tears and face the fact: your feet will from now on be an embarrassment, graceless, styleless, ugly. They will never look pretty again.

Put your best foot forward

Not so fast. That was not a fact. For years now, alongside impossibly frivolous modern shoes, manufacturers have been designing flat footwear that young people love. That make people of any age look good and feel good below the ankles. Trainers that keep you steady at the gym and on walks. Boots you can wear with your best dress to a wedding. It’s a revolution.

I’m enjoying this. Are you? And can you pick the shoe that I keep for purely nostalgic/aesthetic reasons?


21 thoughts on “Great times for old feet

  1. cedar51 says:

    your crazy middle shoe-mug-shot is your “must be kept”

    as i said in the last post I wear a type of trainer, all over black leather, I do have another pair of trainers but they aren’t one colour, and they are now designated garden wear unless good pair at the repairers… I have a pair of totally stupid slippers that are actually too big, but for some reason they will not wear out!!

    1. You are the one who inspired me to write this post! And oh yes, those slippers… don’t we all?

      1. cedar51 says:

        and I hadn’t even reached “old age” when the “shoe problems occurred” ….

      2. cedar51 says:

        What I had decided to get soon – was a new pair of slippers. Ziera used to make a lovely kind of “scuff related” sort. I was down at the village earlier today and popped in – yep, she remembered them – they had a good sort of rubbery sole which meant they were useful outside – but apparently they don’t stock them now, although they might later next year!

      3. Nothing is simple. But you are on the trail…

    2. Right! But tonight I plan to try them again. There was a reason that this is the only pair of heels I’ve kept…

  2. LooneyB says:

    I love my heels even though I am not as flexible on them as I used to be. I agree that there are some delightful designs now for flat shoes and pumps but being a bit of a Lilliputian, I feel I often need heels, especially in meetings and parties where people could trip over me, if I didn’t do something to elevate my position. if I mean business though, a flat shoe does it every time!

    1. Good point! I am short too and must now rely on colour as an anti-invisibility cloak. Perhaps I could bear supersize heels for half an hour… dream on, Rachel.

    2. cedar51 says:

      If I wear anything that is a heel of proportions – I’m fast falling down – been there and got a few badges when I was out the clutches of Mother πŸ™‚

      1. LooneyB says:

        Did Mother ban you from wearing heels then? Tell more…

      2. cedar51 says:

        LooneyB – not a ban as such but she possibly new the consequences, my ankles weak and my wheel base too short – in relationship to my height – and knew I would certainly fall. And she was right but I was a hot headed young woman – who wanted the latest shoe πŸ™‚

        I tottered around like many others, then suddenly a dip or unexpected other on pavement/grassed area and over I would go – another sprained ankle, weeks of problems getting back on same “shoe” again – of courrse I wasn’t gonna be beat on the matter… you gotta be with the fashion otherwise you’ve just an oddball square!

        If you wear say plimsols or sneakers – in the winter, that wasn’t hot at all… if you wore them out to a party anytime, forget it babe – you’ve not hot at all.

        then sneakers got more adult, people could wear them anytime, doc martins were hip – the problem with doc martins was the weight, useless foot muscles caused by above.

        oh I can’t wear jandals either something to do with wheel base being too short in places…annoys the hell out of me in the summer time (NZ is going into summer now…)

        but on the whole, life is good – doesn’t matter what shoe I’m wearing now, I just get about and do everything as much as possible – I’m not even contending the issue of being a “hot babe” πŸ™‚

  3. I loved this post, as I too am a shoeaholic but have had to adapt to wearing mostly flats with the occasional wedge heel but there are so many wonderful designs and colours to choose from that I still find it hard to pass by a shoe store and thankfully still get a buzz when I buy a new pair!

    1. So do I (get a buzz)! Glad to meet a fellow enthusiast.

      1. cedar51 says:

        oh, I love looking at those designer shoes…if I’m out with my physio friend, I say “wow, I think I’ll get a pair” – one look from said friend…and I’m hurrying on to the next shop!

    2. LooneyB says:

      Yes wedges are perfect. Height and comfort

  4. Aunt Beulah says:

    Yes, i have noticed the variety of cute and comfortable flat shoes now available and worn by both young and old. I love this trend because I have happy feet again!

    1. And I rejoice with you!

  5. I am flattered, Wendy! I don’t understand much about these awards but now I will have to learn.

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