Dry way or the high way



4 thoughts on “Dry way or the high way

  1. cedar51 says:

    a picture is as good as a 1000 words, and this is no different. How each of us interpret this will be vastly different than the thoughts the photographer had on this shoot…

  2. How funny! I posted the photo by mistake. Then I quickly wrote something. Then I saw your comment and quickly deleted my words. I’ll repost the words in a few days. Who knows what thoughts the photo alone will trigger?

  3. LooneyB says:

    It can be an exciting journey. No one knows where it will end ( this is true, of course) and heading off around a corner is always fun as to what will open up. People can use their imagination with the picture, cant they? Bit like the Beatles son – ” the long and winding road….”

    1. Now I wish I hadn’t posted the words already: letting readers supply them is a much better idea. Thanks for your thoughts.

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