Doctor, security patch, flight plan: analyse my dream

cartoon of woman flying, the key to security
My dream, your interpretation

OK, nothing so boring as someone else’s dream, ay? I’ll be brief. Here it is:

I’m looking at some HTML5 markup. I’ve been told I need to insert a password to fix a security breach, but where, how?

My ex-GP, retired after 4o years of doctoring me and others, steps up. She knows what to do. “I’ll show you,” she says.

And she spins in two quick dance moves, fast as skating, then soars in a flight, 7 metres or so, lands, does it again. “See?”

“I can do that,” I think.

Clues to help you in your analysis

  1. For years I did all my own HTML and CSS (no big deal)
  2. Recently I shucked off a stressful, thankless responsibility
  3. I had flying dreams for years, then stopped (in my 50s? why?)
  4. I have an unresolved security issue on my computer

Your turn: tell me what you think it means!

Just for fun, OK? Nobody has to be “right”. But trust me, I am extreeeemly interested to know what you think.

11 thoughts on “Doctor, security patch, flight plan: analyse my dream

  1. the cartoon, looks like the woman has made the object (man) disappear in a puff of smoke (well not quite ) but going, going gone – hence the puff of smoke. And there’s a satisfied gleam in the doing of said deed…so maybe how you deal with getting that “patch” to settle and fix our “password” issues…

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  2. What curious things dreams are. In my experience they usually consist of metaphors, so if you can find the metaphors in your dream you’ll find its meaning. What I know of you, from having read your blog for a while, is that dance makes you feel alive, and so maybe solving your computer problem will make you feel refreshed and on top of things rather than out of control of it. The doctor is your inner medic.

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  3. A very compatible interpretation—I’ll take this and digest it. I do see dreams as metaphors or poems or meditations, and yet sometimes they carry a message that is ridiculously practical, for example reminding me of an appointment. It’s rather wonderful that you have read my blog often and attentively so that you kind of know me. Thanks Val!


  4. A fascinating dream, and some equally fascinating interpretations. Don’t let a nagging little problem stop you from soaring! But perhaps you need some professional help with said problem – hence the appearance of a professional fixer in the shape of a GP.


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