Puzzled, pleasured, and pacified by a city stroll


Plants in a puzzling perspective? Just shadows on the pavement.

The room they forgot at Massey University. And forgot and forgot and forgot.

Red doors to heaven? Just a Massey University thing.

Hard to see but this ngaio tree is populated by kaka, native birds spreading out from Zealandia, a conservation island in a city

Old ngaio tree near the Carillon? Yes, and can you see six kaka nibbling buds and blundering over branches?

Pet rabbit on a leash, resting in a jacket
Buddy-rabbit tucked into a jacket

Toy on a tummy? Just a Buddy-Rabbit tired after his big Saturday walk.

But I am refreshed by a tiny walk across Wellington. Such pleasure, such puzzles. Light and shade. Mini-eccentricities. New native bird life. Student with a rabbit on a leash.

I love my little city.

Daily Post prompt, photos rachel mcalpine cc by 2.0


10 thoughts on “Puzzled, pleasured, and pacified by a city stroll

  1. sometimes you just need to amble/wander – and when you do, you see things…so many people are in such a hurry. Something, I rarely have to do is “hurry”

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