The Value of Book Reviews

So sad. So true. Even the simplest review is gold for Indie writers on Amazon.



Book reviews are currency for the indie author, especially when reader feedback appears on Amazon and Goodreads. That makes sense, considering the weight of word of mouth marketing. I read an article on Impactrecently that stated consumers are 4x more likely to buy goods and services when referred by a friend, and 63% of visitors are more likely to make purchases from websites with reviews/ratings.

Why then, does word of mouth seem to fail so many fantastic indie writers? Because the number of Amazon book purchasers who go back to leave a review, or even a star rating, are few and far between. Derek Haines at Just Publishing Advice says listing your Kindle book as free for a promotional period can help stimulate readers to leave a review; however, reviews of free books are even lower than for actual sales. This rings true for me. I ran a week…

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11 thoughts on “The Value of Book Reviews

  1. You know I have never thought about leaving a “review” at all – somehow it hasn’t crossed my mind…But on saying that I haven’t been reading much of late, or I start something and 6 pages in, it’s back to the library shelves…or taken to the op-shop.

    Once a friend of mine on Goodreads recommended a book I should enjoy – well it was one of the “6-page” problems but I thought I must do it justice – so it was in “parts” so I skipped across to Part 3…and I couldn’t put the darn book down, I think I turned off the light at 2 am but still had 30 pages to finish… (I never did read the rest of Pt 1 or 2, though)

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  2. I wrote a couple reviews for two people published from writing group we had a few years ago and also noted on my blog. Prior to that I did include within a blog post tribute a review of another self-published book by former person I met in my work. These are exceptions to what my blog is usually about, just as my two most current book/author posts are, too.

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      1. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have reviews. I should’ve been clearer. That’s not what I meant. But what I mean is, it is sometimes hard for the best writers who are not very commercially minded to succeed. I wish that there was a way that the cream could rise to the top without them having to become master marketers.

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