Writers at work

Writers’ shoes:
can you tell?
No you can’t.
Most of us have toes
just like most of you.

Here at home
we’re hard at work
doodling dozing
thinking prosing
writing rhyming
fussing with computer woes
just like you.

Travel note and photo from Rachel McAlpine cc by2.0 while at Seoul Art Space—Yeonhui. I’m posting snippets as a diary—but mostly I’m writing “proper” poems 🙂

14 thoughts on “Writers at work

  1. Had to check over my shoulder to make sure you weren’t watching me!

  2. Prue Densem says:

    These are wonderful proper poems! Love the diary, a real glimpse into your current Seoul life.

    1. Oh Prue, what a nice thing to say!

  3. “Doodling, dozing
    Thinking, prosing”

    –Such GREAT lines!

  4. Nice and cute poetic lines.

  5. kersten says:

    I thought proper poems were the ones I like , the trouble is I’ve got some very narrow- minded ideas about poems. They keep saying broaden your mind stop liking the same old tunes , whistle something new. I just can’t seem to help it I’m a stick-in-the-mud all this new-fangled stuff leaves me cold.

    1. You mean my chatter is too new-fangled ? Oh dear thanks for telling me!

      1. kersten says:

        Oh no it’s fine by me just not poetry in my eyes, but then poetry is inspiration chatter is communication. Chattering is something we all enjoy poetry is an inner outpouring like music.

      2. Thanks for explaining. I hope you’ll keep finding more stuff that you like. And it’s true, my current poems are directed outwards rather than inwards, as in the past. So that’s lucky!

      3. kersten says:

        I read any effort made by anyone knowing that my own are very easily superseded . It’s easy to stick to Shakespeare and ignore Barbara Cartland after all she is the third best selling fiction author of all time , but I have yet to read ‘ The Wicked Marquis ‘ .
        As a young boy in the early fifties my parents had ‘ The Daily Mirror’ and I loved the cartoon strips and of course the pictures.

  6. hilarymb says:

    Hi Rachel – what fun to read … love the alliteration … cheers Hilary

  7. Elizabeth says:

    So funny about the computer woes. I am sitting in the lobby of our inn since there is such a weak signal in the room I couldn’t post or respond. Loved the variety of shoes.

    1. Computer woes forever!

  8. notdonner says:

    how wonderful! writer in residence. In Korea. You will have lots of subject matter for your poetry and prose.