A Monday in Seoul

ATM machine in Yeonhui, Seoul

An ATM machine is an ATM machine wherever it may be, and this one’s in Yeonhui

Personal independence day:
I managed to work
an ATM machine and a bus

Apartment blocks seen from a train window.

View from the train approaching Baekseok: a row of apartment blocks.

three trains and another money machine
all by myself. I’m Ms Commuter Queen
a functional

Quirky buildings in Baekseok, possibly designed by hobbits.

Quirky buildings in Baekseok, possibly designed by hobbits. Pretty quiet on a Monday lunch time.

Nobody even felt obliged
to help me across the street.

Entering Megabox Baekseok cinema complex.

Megabox Baekseok: cinema complex over a vast shopping store

At Megabox
cinema complex
I joined a full house screening
of My Year With Helen
by Gaylene Preston
in the 10th DMZ Doco Festival.
Film makers politicians and activists
took to heart
this feminist story of our time.
Listen up and hear our sisters:
they could hardly be more clear!

Travel notes and photos by Rachel McAlpine. 


6 thoughts on “A Monday in Seoul

  1. kersten says:

    Ms Commuter Queen wow that’s not your only title your Ms Computer Queen as well.

    1. My years of being a Chartered IT Professional are over, I fear!

  2. candidkay says:

    An adventure! Yay!

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Rachel – that’s some achievement … congratulations – and now to remember for the next time! I hope you enjoyed the film … cheers Hilary

  4. Dan Antion says:

    You are rocking this place!

    1. Thank you for the over-the-top compliment— Korea is being very good to me 🙂

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