A song about Granny and the Earth

Older woman singing I Am Woman
Granny has the X-Factor, no doubt about that

I put my granny on The X Factor
and the judges cheered like a choir.
I put my granny on The Bachelor
and she set that boy on fire.
I put my granny on Survivor
and she went right to the wire.

I put my granny on Real Housewives
and she rose above the mire.
I put her on The Apprentice
and she alone got hired.
I put my granny on the internet
and she got the whole town wired.

I put my granny in charge of Earth
and she said, Sweetie
that’s quite enough.
I can’t do everything alone.
It’s your turn now.
I’m tired.

Poem and drawing by Rachel McAlpine, CC BY 2.0

11 thoughts on “A song about Granny and the Earth

  1. I’ve been reading a book about “glorious women” – some alive, some long gone – who somewhere later in their lives be it the 40s or 70s or more – stood up and make dream come true; got tired of their current life; took up extraordinary ideas – and of course make it “glorious”…

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