Cat thinkies — cultivating one’s garden

Cat digging into a pot of vegetables. Thinks: Voltaire had his limitations.

Ursula digs the garden for philosophical reasons. Her natural inclination hovers between cynicism and nihilism, but she knows both are bad for her health.

cc by 2.0 rachel mcalpine

6 thoughts on “Cat thinkies — cultivating one’s garden

  1. Sadje says:

    Maybe she has a secret mission?

  2. Katrina says:

    Patrick loves to drink from the watering can, whenever I freshly fill it. I think he enjoys the experience of supping from a different cup 🙂

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Seeking novelty, as we are advised to for a healthy old age. Wise Patrick.

  3. Let’s hope she doesn’t pee in there.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Her problem if she pees on the catnip.

  4. hilarymb says:

    They have minds of their own … but she must know what’s happening … she looks a great companion, but not with muddy feet! – cheers Hilary

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