Your tiny tips for achieving a happy, healthy old age: a short survey

Two white-haired friends walking on a beach

What’s your best tip for living a long, healthy and contented life?

I was about to post another tiny tip for over 50s when I thought, no! You, my readers, know just as much as I do, and collectively much more. So I’ve prepared a short survey asking you to share your best tips for growing into a happy, healthy old age.

Take a tiny survey to share your tips

(The survey will load in a different window. See it there at the top of this screen?)

Think about how others will benefit from your experience, and please do the survey. It has only six questions and they require very short answers.

It’s on the Survey Monkey website: I’ve used them for years and I trust them.

For this post, no comments please: put your comments on the survey of tiny tips for a happy, healthy old age. They will get you more readers and more exposure than a comment here, much as I love your comments.

And away you go!

(Remember the survey loads in a different window within, so you’ll need to leave this one.)


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