Widen your interests: tiny tip for well-being in old age

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Widen your interests—the world out there is interesting

One simple piece of advice here from Meryl: learn new things, try different activities—for the very good reason that otherwise your world will shrink until it’s just you thinking about yourself. Whoah! That’s close to the bone, Meryl, and we all need to hear it. Thank you.

Q. Imagine a younger person telling you they want to achieve a happy, healthy old age. Give your very best tip, in 30 words or fewer.
A. Take an interest in as many things as you can. Widen your range of interests. This will stop you becoming self-involved, which ages a person.

Q. Why did you choose to share that particular tip?
A. Because I enjoy learning about new things, trying out different activities and I see too many older people who have become inward-looking and it doesn’t make them happy.

Q. Did you follow any advice that you were given about achieving a happy, healthy old age?
A. No. I wasn’t really given any.

Q. How old are you?
A. 65–74

3 thoughts on “Widen your interests: tiny tip for well-being in old age

  1. Christine Toner says:

    A good strategy. There are so many easy ways to start a new interest especially if you are an internet user. WEA, U3A, the local art gallery and many churches etc have groups clubs and courses. I’ve just discovered Meetup on Facebook where you can find an interest group and meet them on outings and meetings. But it’s hard for most of us to go by ourselves. How to get out there the first time seems to be the issue for many.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I have especially enjoyed trying new things and then deciding that they are not for me. Recently I learned that about line dancing. Too complicated!

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Satisfying, isn’t it?

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