Messages in code drawn by aliens with pohutukawa stamens

Wet pohutukawa flowers forming patterns on footpath

Obviously these pohutukawa stamens are communicating something. But in what language?

Pohutukawa flowers clumped together with yellow leaves on top

This one’s easy. It’s either a map of the world excluding Australia and the Americas, or a worrying camel

Pohutukawa flowers and leaves forming the shape of a running man

Running man. Run, man, run!

Phutukawa petals surrounding two water tobies on a wet footpath

Clearly the red pohutukawa stamens are communicating something. But what and to whom?

Pohutukawa stamens clinging to grass on a wet footpath

This very old footpath is sprouting hairs from a rosy red mole. Very touching.

Mystic photographs taken on the slopes of Mt Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand a few days ago. What wonders we walk past and walk over every day. There’s a logical explanation for these mysterious shapes. Rain running downhill sweeps fallen pohutukawa stamens into clumps that cling to bumps and curves on the surface of the footpath. Equally logical, that aliens have used the red threads to build 3-D hieroglyphics and communicate something to us. Maybe the secret of life. Maybe asking how to contact their leaders. Maybe …

Today’s podcast episode is going to be a wee bit late, which gives me an opportunity to share these enchanting images.

9 thoughts on “Messages in code drawn by aliens with pohutukawa stamens

  1. cedar51 says:

    the red threads at the drain hole, are waiting for more room below…open up the doorway and lo and behold the last decade or more threads are living down there, happily…

  2. Jonno says:

    Who knows what they are, could be very simply just natural waste or something far more sinister. I’m going with the nature explanation but you never know do you?

  3. srbottch says:

    I like the alien explanation, it’s more fun!

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Seems a good reason to believe

  4. JOY journal says:

    That camel looks downright distraught in my opinion.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      It was a transient state, I can now report

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I think the name of these creatures sounds alien enough to a New Englander.

  6. I think they’re saying Christmas has passed😉

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      No truer word.