Friday night poetry reading: 3 strong women

Today’s Friday night poetry reading is about three strong women from three generations in my family. You’ll hear poems from my new book, How To Be Old, as usual. So why not put your feet up, settle down and listen while I read to you? I wonder who your own role models are for your future self as an old person…

If you prefer to listen, not look, here’s a link to the podcast version of this Friday night poetry reading, which is audio only.

7-year-old girl leading toddler by the hand, black and white old photo

My big sister JIll: one of 3 strong women in my family

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3 thoughts on “Friday night poetry reading: 3 strong women

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Once again you show that hearing poetry is the best way to experience it. I was deeply moved by the poem to Jill. As the oldest and big sister to three others I had never had a chance to wish that I had had a big sister. You opened an unexpected longing in me and touched it kindly. Thank you.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      I’m sure you have been valued and loved as a big sister but it can be hard.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        I was supposed to be a leader and a tender, so I did learn to be both.

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