Ursula reviews an embroidered cushion from Bangladesh

at considers a gold and black embroidered cushion and awards 4 stars

Ursula admires this beautiful hand-embroidered cushion from Bangladesh. But she thinks I should mend it. One whole side has come apart (see the white corner at the top?), which removes all satisfaction from clawing a cushion cover. Also she has never forgiven me for going to Bangladesh without taking her. She doesn’t say this, but you can see it in her eyes, right? Poised but distant.

5 thoughts on “Ursula reviews an embroidered cushion from Bangladesh

  1. bhattraps says:

    decoration looks wonderful,3 cheers!!

  2. That made me smile. X

  3. alison41 says:

    And: the colours of the embroidery are both complimentary and flattering to Ursula’s coat and eyes. Naturally it’s her favourite cushion.

  4. Sadje says:

    Looks wistful!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    She may have gone to Bangladesh without you. Her look suggests some secret lurking there.

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