The amazingness of the 10-day Founders Annual Book Fair in Nelson

In Nelson the Founders Annual Book Fair is a thing of beauty and longevity. I know: I went yesterday and bought 5 books for $9.00. The first Founders Book Fair was held on 25 June 1988. Now it continues for 10 days, with tables replenished daily. Frankly, it’s amazing. And look at that building!

Rows of books at a second hand book sale
2020 Founders Book Fair in Nelson on a very quiet Wednesday
Three poetry books: Some of me poetry by Pam Ayres, Chrome by Paula Green and Contemporary Macedonian Poetry
Motley poetry collections from the book fair

My eclectic selection from the 2020 Founders Book Fair—books with a history of owners and readers. The original purchase was just the start of these books’ lives…

  • Some of me Poetry by Pam Ayres: her very first collection, which shot her to instant fame
  • Chrome by Paula Green, a beloved doyenne of poetry in New Zealand: see NZ Poetry Shelf
  • An anthology of Macedonian poets because I do love reading poetry in translation
  • Two books of jokes suitable for an eight-year-old boy: no shortage of farts here, I assure you.

4 thoughts on “The amazingness of the 10-day Founders Annual Book Fair in Nelson

  1. Nyla Carroll says:

    I am jealous! Looks like my idea of heaven!

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      One day…

  2. The question is, are they old farts like us?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Totally fun. I am accumulating a stack of my own that I could contribute next time our library holds its similar sale.

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