Finding my podcast: not in Reader

In case you don’t see notifications about new podcast episodes, here’s how to find them. I really don’t know whether you get news of new episodes. I suspect they don’t appear in WordPress Reader. I can’t quite follow the arcane details of my WordPress site’s architecture. But you can always find new episodes via various routes:

  • on your regular podcast app (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify etc.) — you just need to subscribe, which is easy
  • from my home page where a big notice says “Podcast” (at this time, Feb. 2021)
  • from any page on my actual website
  • but possibly NOT when you’re using the WordPress app Reader.

Reader is my favourite way to browse your blogs. So maybe you just don’t even know I have a podcast, in which case, hey, you are missing out on something very nice. I add episodes intermittently.

Little girl in tutu with maneki-neko
“I won’t get tired of being a ballerina.”

So here’s a link to an episode I posted today: How children think: 3 poems. It’s good to just relax and be read to, don’t you think?

From now on I’m going to include other poets. How To Be Old: the book) is done and dusted but How To Be Old: the topic is just getting started. My first poet will be the adorable Maytal Noy, aged 12.

3 thoughts on “Finding my podcast: not in Reader

  1. Enviroart says:

    Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. Best to you!

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      My pleasure,Suzanne. I’m drawn to Canadian bloggers, though I’ve never been to Quebec.

      1. Enviroart says:

        Maybe one day when we can all travel again 😊

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