Managing daily living with self-talk in old age

Old woman looking at her big toe through a magnifying glass. The toe is inflamed and swollen.
“I’m hurting! You forgot my orthotic insoles again!”

Self-talk is part of engaging with aging, says 99-year-old Doris Carnevali. She is managing daily life with self-talk and body awareness in old age.

And “self-talk” doesn’t mean just a little pep-talk—it’s a full-blown, full-on morning conference involving numerous body parts. What a way to start the day! Here’s a sample:

  • Legs and feet grumble that walking is heavy-footed, steps stiff and much shorter
  • balance yells it’s feeling scarily-uncertain
  • shoulders say they’re hunching up unless told to lower them. Brain orders them down. . . several times

What can I learn from Doris’s example? I’m a mere 81 and so far I have only few age-related challenges. But from her I know:

  • That being aware of what’s happening in my body and mind is crucial.
  • That using words to state precisely what’s happening to me is a practical skill, one we can learn.
  • That self-talk will help me to manage my daily life as I grow older.
  • That actively using these skills will boost my confidence and sense of control.

Mrs Carnevali has now been engaging with aging—consciously, explicitly, and practically—for quite some time. On her weekly blog she explains how she tackles the business of everyday living, with all the many complications that arise as a result of her age. It’s not that she is ill: on the contrary, she is not affected by any disease. It’s just that growing old produces multiple changes in our bodies, minds and spirit. (I think you knew that, right?)

Get the full story on Doris’s blog, Engaging with Aging. Find out how she uses self-talk and body-awareness to manage her life in extreme old age.

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  3. Cathy Cade says:

    I call it ‘talking to the dogs’.

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