Board games survey: why do you like them?

Board game, 1858: a young man playing chess against an older man. Old sepia photo, public domain, Wikipedia
Board game, 1858. Chess match between Morphy & Löwenthal

Answer a 2-3 minute survey on what you like and dislike about board games

Please do a short survey on board games: why do you like them (or don’t like them). I think you’ll enjoy it. Anyone can answer, and I’m specially interested in replies from people 50+.

My granddaughter and I are making a board game. That involves playing board games, researching, and making and testing multiple versions of our prototype. Which is obviously a whole lot of fun.

Our target market is a general market—excluding children. The general market includes older people, obviously. Board games and tabletop games have a timeless appeal, don’t you think?

But given my interest in old age, I did wonder whether older people enjoy board games for the same reasons as others.

We already know what’s good for us, thank you

When I googled, I found lists of board games that are good for old people—mentally, socially, physically. Once again, there’s no shortage of nice and knowledgeable helpers. Once again, they’re telling me what I should do if I want to continue ageing positively and well. Their lists include old favourites like chess and Scrabble and Mahjong and Rummikub, and hooray for that. But we play them because we enjoy them—not because they’re good for us.

But what do we like and dislike about board games?

That’s why I created a survey about board games: why do you like them? Not about what’s good for you but what you enjoy.

I’ve included a question about some accessibility problems that might affect people of 50+ more than younger adults. What puts you off? What makes a game too hard to play? For instance I notice a huge difference in the legibility of cards and rule books. Your brain may be fine but your eyes or fingers make play difficult for you. These are problems that can be avoided. If you tell me what annoys you, we can avoid that problem with our new game.

Do the survey now — it’s fun!

The board games survey is a bit like our survey on older bloggers, which nearly everyone reported enjoying. Because it’s interesting to reflect on your own experience: you get to understand a little more about board games and about yourself. And because by spending two or three minutes helping me, you will also be helping others.

Do the survey now! Board games: why do you like them?

The survey on board games and older people is presented on the free version of SurveyMonkey, a reputable survey platform. So you won’t see a logo, just the survey. It’s easy and safe to use.

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5 people playing a board game with cards. Box in foreground says CODENAMES, which is the name of the game.
Playing Codenames, a popular board game. Photo by Bethany, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
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